More information about our courses

Our courses are designed to deliver simple, practical, and hands-on training via:

  •  A 2 Day Intensive training on the selected course where your facilitator will provide you with the subject matter knowledge using a simple, practical, and easy-to-understand training delivery model aimed at ensuring delegates understand the fundamentals of the selected course.
  • E-Project Experience – After the 2 days of training, Delegates then work with the project team which consists of a Project manager, PMOs, Key SMEs, Developers, and the BA team to deliver a real-life project. It is important to note that The NewLeaf Group is also a management consultancy company hence we have client projects which we allow you to work on, to get the first-hand experience. These meetings commence after your 2 days training and the project team meet virtually at 7:30pm for 30mins [Mon – Thursday] where we discuss project updates and tasks are assigned to delegates. At the start of the project experience, your facilitator will provide you with an outline of key expected outcomes so you both can track progress on each of your assigned actions. It is also important to note that we provide references for your time working with us.
  • CV Clinic – The delivery team, led by Facilitator will review your current CV and work with you to update your CV to ensure this is attractive to potential employers, and then walk you through your CV to ensure you are comfortable and can defend it.
  • Job Application Tips/Gems – The delivery team will also provide you with Job applications tips, links to job boards, and gems on how the approach to applying for Jobs. 
  • Interview Preparation – When you do secure an interview, Your mentor will prepare you for the interview via mock interviews and provide feedback on improvement areas. 

With the exception of the Agile Scrum PSM 1, all other courses on offer provide no certifications on completion as our operating model focuses on providing you with the skills, knowledge, and experience required to get you a job.

There are no course prerequisites. You just need to be keen for that change you so desire. We have a proven process; provided you are serious, dedicated, and comply with the guidance provided, you will eventually secure a Job.
You do not need to have a background in Projects Management or Business Management – Come as you are!!!